What Is Dewatering?

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What Is Dewatering?


Dewatering is simply the removal of 'groundwater' or 'surface water' from a construction site, mining shaft, riverbed, caisson or similar. This process is carried out through water filtration systems using various filtration medias, centrifugation, various soli-liquid separation techniques and filter presses.

The removal of water from solid materials like soil, is essential for excavation and various construction site processes to be performed and to control groundwater levels. Site remediation and treatment of groundwater if there are contaminants may also be a necessity.

Dewatering Evaluations May Be Needed For The Following:

  • New Construction Planning
  • Water Discharge Failure
  • Groundwater Levels Fluctuating
  • Building Systems that Impact Water Drainage

Everfilt® Systems Commonly Used For Dewatering Projects:

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