We've Updated Our Filtration Media Checkout

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We've Updated Our Filtration Media Checkout

We've updated our filtration media section to include quick and easy auto-calculation of media quantities and weight, as well as being able to select multiple media options based on amount and industry. Discounts have now been integrated based on the amount ordered and all calculated without you having to do the hard work. Once you've made your selections and checked out by inputting your email, the customer will receive a follow up with all shipping costs added to your selections.

*Shipping costs fluctuate and cannot be included at checkout for this type of materials order. A rep will email a final quote, with your orders discounts included.

We feel streamlining this process was necessary to cut down on the often lengthy RFQ process, and to allow the customer to immediately see their order estimates before shipping is added. This puts the power in the customers hands, without having to wait for both estimates of media and shipping to be calculated by us and then sent over. Now, you only need to receive your shipping estimate and information on completing actual payment.

We're constantly evolving here at Everfilt® and trying to provide simpler and more-effective ways for our customers to get what they need.