Everfilt® F-Series Fertilizer Injection Tanks

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The Everfilt® F-Series Fertilizer Injection Tanks are rated for 125 PSI and utilize line/system pressure to operate without requiring pump or moving components and creates a user friendly, hands-free option. Flow rate or amount of solution can be regulated by installing a flow control valve or flow meter.


  • 3 Legs For Ease of Use While Leveling
  • Drain Port Located Beneath Tank
  • Full Line of Replacement Parts
  • 3M134 Interior Coating & Fuze Coated Exterior


5-Gallon = 70 lbs.

15-Gallon = 132 lbs.

30-Gallon = 200 lbs.

45-Gallon = 203 lbs.

75-Gallon = 286 lbs.

OPERATION: Water is forced into the fertilizer through the inlet line because of the pressure differential caused by the regulating line valve. Fertilizer is mixed with the incoming water and discharged through the outlet of the fertilizer tank, into the low pressure differential side of the regulating line valve. Six gallons of water is required per gallon of fertilizer tank capacity to completely purge the fertilizer tank. 

For Example: a 50 gallon fertilizer tank will require 300 gallons of water passing through it to purge it.

(6 x 50 = 300)

Everfilt® Fertilizer Injection Tanks (Fertilizer Injectors) are built to last longer than most fertilizer tanks and are 100% MADE IN U.S.A., manufactured in-house. An ideal option for delivering maximum nutrients to plants, gardens, greenhouses, landscapes and more. We have many fertilizer injector tank sizes available.